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My other venture is a website directory and database containing over 320 digital procurement solutions.

It’s called ProcurementSoftware.site and it’s completely FREE to use. Filter based on multiple different categories and search criteria. Find the solutions you’re looking for in less time than it takes to boil an egg!

No registration or email address required!

There is nothing else out there which does this.

The well-known research houses all do a solid job with their offerings. The problem with all of them is that:

  1. they are quite pricey;
  2. the research on there is complex and time-consuming to sift through;
  3. they are all aimed at large, mature, enterprise procurement teams.

But….what about if you’re a new Head of Procurement, managing a smaller procurement team?

Perhaps you’re in a greenfield role in a mid-market business. You’ve taken an exciting new challenge after years working in corporate procurement.

Well, if that’s you, then the research on these sites isn’t really very relevant. That’s assuming you have a budget to pay their subscriptions.


Because it’s aimed at well-resourced, mature procurement departments in large, enterprise organisations.

Your less mature and probably much leaner procurement team – as well as your wider stakeholder network – are going to have vastly different needs.

That’s what gave me the idea for a directory website and database for all procurement technology solutions. I’d built up a broad knowledge of what’s out there in the marketplace from over 80 podcast interviews with startup founders and industry experts in this space.

There was a big, brave new world beyond the legacy suites. If the clunky, older technology you’ve used in the past has put you off digital procurement tools for good, then don’t despair.

Most procurement leaders are not aware of what else is out there. Or, maybe you’re just overwhelmed and confused by all the different offerings and don’t know where to start.

We’ve solved both of these problems. The database represents our values and ideals on how digital procurement should be. We keep things simple.

We shine a light on all solutions which offer easy implementation, great UX and affordable pricing to mid-market businesses, as well as the more established players you’ve no doubt heard of.

If you’re seeking a directory of over 320 procurement software solutions, fully filterable and FREE to use for anyone on the buy side, then check out Procurement Software.