James Meads

Rocket Fuel for your Bottom Line.

Hi, I’m James.

I help manufacturing businesses to reduce what they spend with external suppliers by at least 5%.

You’ll see payback in less than 6 months, and I guarantee this.

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Initial Spend Analysis

Ideal for SMEs with no Procurement function

Project Based Consulting

When you need extra resources
to deliver a strategic project

Strategic Transformation

Procurement Transformation As A Service: Complete, end-to-end transformation

My Principles

The core pillars of how I deliver value

Plain English, not consultant-speak

Aligning Goals with the Business

Pragmatism over Rigid Process

Cut Waste; Go Digital

Featured in

Procuretech Podcast

Procurement is changing

Digital procurement technology, or “Procuretech”, is a key enabler.

For Procurement or Finance professionals who are curious or confused about where to start on their organisation’s digital transformation journey.

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