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Your Best-of-Breed Digital Procurement Expert

Hi, I’m James…

I help make the complex digital procurement software market simple. My market knowledge stretches over 300 best-of-breed procurement technology solutions.

Whether you’re a procurement consultancy or a procuretech startup, I can provide you clarity.

What I do



What Makes Your Customer Tick? 

Helping Pre-Seed Startups to Series B Scaleups

Help with your product design and core features

 Optimise the copy and flow on your website

 Procurement 101 for your product & sales teams

 Make your marketing spend more effective

 LinkedIn content strategy



Stay On Top Of The Latest Solutions

Your On-Demand Digital Procurement Expert

Outsourced digital procurement expertise

Maximise your in-house team’s billable hours

Support on pre-sales work to clients

Retained advisor to your Principals and Partners

Training for your in-house consultants

My Principles

The core pillars of how I deliver value

Plain English: no consultant speak!

Pragmatism and Agility

Customer First Mindset

Working smarter; being efficient

Procurement tech startups often struggle to convince potential customers to buy their software

I hear you. It’s not easy.

Enterprise sales cycles are long. Procurement often doesn’t have a budget for technology without taking a begging bowl to the CFO.

But, you’ve got investors to satisfy. You need enough sales to maintain your runway and avoid cash burn.

Whether you’re looking for:

  • Product consulting through a seasoned procurement professional’s eyes;
  • Clarity on your wider Sales and Marketing strategy;
  • Or training to help your Product teams understand Procurement’s challenges

I can help!

Are you a boutique consultancy and sometimes need to advise clients on procurement software?

Consultancies in the Procurement and Digital Transformation space often need a solid knowledge of the procurement software market.

You’re big enough to be considered a reliable partner to your clients. But you’re too small to have a full time digital procurement expert on your payroll.

The solution? I will be your trusted, on-demand procurement tech advisor.

Whether you’re looking for ad-hoc advice, or a retained expert for pre-sales support and due diligence on solutions providers, I can help you.

Plug the gaps in your market knowledge with me as your independent procuretech guru.

I speak English (native), German (fluent) and Spanish (B1/B2).

I quit my corporate procurement role because I was fed up of spending 50% of my time on “busy work”

Technology can fix this problem. That’s my “why”!

Best-of-breed digital procurement has huge potential AND it’s more affordable than people think.

How do I know?

I speak to startup CEOs on The Procuretech Podcast. I see software demos every week.

And I run a website of > 320 procurement tech solutions.

What’s more, I understand the procurement challenges as a hands-on practitioner. I’ve been a procurement pro since 2002.

Looking for on-demand advice rather than a package?

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