Running a medium-sized business or a maturing startup usually means there’s not much time or many resources available to look at procurement strategy and process.

Rightly or wrongly, it’s not seen as a core activity. 

If you don’t have procurement staff on your regular payroll, there’s nobody around to advise on matters such as:

  • putting procurement processes in place to eliminate and control maverick spending;
  • digitising and automating your RFQ and procure-to-pay (P2P) processes to eliminate unnecessary administrative waste;
  • tactics and planning for upcoming important negotiations;
  • consolidating similar areas of spend across different offices or divisions of the company;
  • cleaning your data as an enabler for areas of spend previously unexplored to be put out to tender

This is perfectly understandable.

But procurement activity must be viewed as a value added function and not as an overhead, just in the same light as Financial Controllers or Salespeople are seen to drive bottom line value.

My on-demand solution to be your Virtual Procurement Director offers the best of both worlds.

Most mid-senior level executives spend significant amounts of time doing €15 per hour admin tasks.

With this solution, there’s no danger of that.

Having me on demand as your outsourced Procurement Director means I’m not stuck in meetings or firefighting operational issues.

Workload tends to grow to fill a void.

Instead, you get access to me for focus on driving value through developing strategy & process improvements, and help with coordinating tenders and negotiation preparation to get you some quick wins.

My fee will pay back several times if I can negotiate away a major price increase, optimise key contracts or mitigate a major supply risk.

Time is our most precious commodity. Let’s get to work…

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