Is your team at breaking point? Overwhelmed, frustrated and battling against the never-ending deluge of emails?

Are you having to complete more work, with fewer team members?

Does it seem like you don’t have adequate resources?

Then you’re definitely not alone!

We in procurement have always been a lean function.

Your team is no doubt drowning in emails, unnecessary meetings and “busy work”.

Morale is low. They’re performing too many “busy” tasks.

  • Filling in paperwork for internal compliance box ticking.
  • Dealing with the latest crisis caused by someone else’s broken process.
  • Grappling with poor data when trying to find hidden savings opportunities.

We all know these activities don’t drive results.

And it’s not your team’s fault that they’re strangled by red tape.

But hiring more category managers? Not gonna happen during a recession.

What you need is more bandwidth in your team, to deepen the stakeholder and supplier relationships to drive results.


That’s what I’ll show you in my FREE 5 day mini course.

You really CAN achieve more with less!